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We partner with early stage companies anywhere on the spectrum: from inception to startups with significant traction ready to raise their pre-seed (angel) or seed rounds. (We’ve even invested in a few entrepreneurs with ideas to change the world but no formal business plan). If this sounds like you, get in touch via the form below. We’re also available to help scope out your TAM, workshop business models, and discuss product-market fit. Don’t be shy!


Simply put: we get our hands dirty. As former founders and operators, we’ve been in the trenches before. Our team works directly with founders to understand their needs: whether it’s access to capital or something else like hiring the right team, finding office space, or pivoting to the correct strategy - we’re there every step of the way. The question isn’t if we can help you raise capital - it becomes how much, how quickly, and from which funds.


We move quickly but we’re in this for the long haul. We’re looking for long-term partners. Our team works alongside you before, during, and after the raise (and any subsequent raises). Our goal is to continue to be a resource to you throughout your company’s life-cycle. We engage with 3-5 companies at any given time so we are fully focused on your success. Finally, we invest our own capital alongside, and often before, your angel round.

most importantly: why?

ir·rev·er·ent / showing a lack of respect

We respect grit, intellect, and powerful ideas. We just believe the process is broken and we want to play a part in fixing it. Building the next big thing is difficult - it should also be fun. We’re former founders and business operators who want you to learn from our successes AND our failures. We’ve worked for and advised some of the most successful and fastest-growing companies including Amazon, Shake Shack, Nike, Intuit, Rothy’s, Helix Sleep, Spanx, Outdoor Voices, Glamsquad, Bandier, Etsy, Yumble, and Goop. When you partner with us you get to leverage our experience, our knowledge and know-how, our network, and our capital.

The wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes, the smart man learns from his own, and the stupid one never learns.
— Widely attributed, seldom practiced


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Still not convinced? Don’t take our word from it, take his:

Irrvrnt’s expertise, hustle, network, and access to capital Made them the ideal partner for us. their team is the Perfect co-founder.

-Stealth Tech Founder, closing $2MM Seed Round

Check out some of our VC, startup, and general business musings on LinkedIn.

Check out some of our VC, startup, and general business musings on LinkedIn.

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